Artwork Details:
Sebastian Stakem
Interestingly enough, I began this painting in 2019, armed with new acrylic paints and a large professional-level canvas from the art store, envisioning myself creating a masterpiece. After a few hours of throwing paint on the canvas, it appeared complete to others, yet it didn't feel finished to me. I then set it aside behind other canvases, where it lingered while I headed to college. Three years later, back at home, I see the incomplete "Guacamaya" in my basement. At that moment, the urge to paint struck, and with that urge I dropped what I was doing and started painting. After nearly three hours of tunnel vision, it was complete. I appreciate this piece for capturing both the chaotic, splattered past work and the newer more detailed strokes. It serves as a testament to the creative process, allowing myself the necessary time until it feels right for completion.